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We are locally owned and operated, providing products and services with friendly and knowledgeable advice.


We strive to supply only the very best products to guarantee your results.


We care about what we put into the ground and our bodies, and promote sustainability.


Limestone City Hydroponics Team (from left to right): Pierre Spénard, Margaret MacDonald, Dave Leeson, Brian McLeod. Photo courtesy of Corus Entertainment Inc.

Our Story

A long time ago, in a town not so far away (Belleville), two young heroes had an idea…

Deb and Ross decided to quit their high paying jobs to open an indoor and outdoor gardening store. They were way ahead of their time, realizing that their passion of growing food hydroponically would be the way of the future, as climate change continues to challenge world agriculture. So B.M.A. Hydroponics was born.

20 years fly by, where farming is as much indoors as outdoors. In come Dave, and Brian to open a second hydroponic store in Kingston, based on the B.M.A. business model. Megg and Pierre joined as partners soon thereafter. Taa -Daa — Limestone City Hydroponics was born! Now there are two great locations — Limestone City Hydroponics in Kingston, and B.M.A Hydroponics in Belleville, happily servicing the southern Ontario region!

Our Story

With Dave having a chemistry background and Brian having a long history of growing as a farming family, they decided it was time to create Limestone City Nutrients. The musketeers put their heads together and with the help from a longtime friend — and chemist — they created a complete premium homegrown line of nutrients.

Limestone City Nutrients is an end-to-end home-grown product line, supporting strong roots to massive blossoms. The years of hydroponics industry experience shines through the results of what the team has created. From start to finish, Limestone City Nutrients is truly a locally grown fertilizer, including the bottling and printing of the labels.

‘’Now just to take this product to the home-grown max!’’ the team exclaimed, when the labelling artwork was sourced. We are deeply honored to have James Keirstead, world-renowned artist’s paintings of Kingston and surrounding area on our packaging… It doesn’t get any more homegrown than that!


“Prices are great but again, it’s the staff that make this place gold.”

– Shanoova

“Best place in the area for all you growing needs. Staff is super helpful and knowledgeable.

– Brandon L.

Incredible selection and service. If they don’t have it, chances are they can get it for you.

– Peter R.

Thanks to our loyal customers for the great feedback and sharing online and across social media platforms!

Limestone City Hydroponics

Locally owned and operated in Kingston, Ontario. We offer local delivery to the Greater Kingston Area along the 401 corridor.

We also own and distribute Limestone City Nutrients.

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