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Medical Growers Clinic

Health Canada supports the ability to grow cannabis for medical purposes, if you require more than your legal allotment of cannabis plants. (e.g. 4 cannabis plant maximum in Ontario, Canada).

Limestone City Hydroponics can help individuals through the process of obtaining their ACMPR License (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations).

Step 1 – Obtain a prescription through a Physician or a licensed nurse practitioner. We can provide access to a licensed nurse practitioner if required (see below).

Step 2 —Once prescription is sent to the individual, the applicant must then complete the application form for the Health Canada ACMPR License.

If your Doctor is willing to prescribe Medical Cannabis, then we can help you through the rest of the process at no charge.

However, we’re aware that few doctors are trained in medical cannabis at this time, and that some not comfortable prescribing it. In this situation, we can assist by providing access to a licensed nurse practitioner who can help patients through the process — provided they meet the medical criteria.

Licensed Nurse Practitioner

Our accredited nurse practitioner is licensed to assess and provide medical cannabis prescriptions to patients that meet the medical criteria. This service has a one-time fee of $20/gram/day prescribed on an approved prescription. (e.g. a 5 gram/day prescription cost is $100 + HST)

  • Your medical appointment will be scheduled at our clinic at 105 Sutherland Drive, Kingston Ontario with our Nurse Practitioner via video conferencing;
  • You will be guided through the prescription and Health Canada application process;
  • You will receive a 10% discount off future purchases at Limestone City Hydroponics during your license period. (Some soil mediums are excluded from the discounted rate)

Your Medical Cannabis license will be valid for 12 months once approved by Health Canada.

We recommend-keeping all paperwork for the following year renewal. Limestone City Hydroponics does not keep copies of any personal information, and will always return paperwork to the patient.

The Process

  1. Obtain a Patient Assessment form from our store location. If you have questions about the assessment form, we will be happy to help you through the process.
  2. Return completed application which we scan and forward to the Nurse Practitioner. Payment will be required at this time, and an appointment date will be scheduled.
  3. Come into the store for your appointment with the Nurse Practitioner. Appointments are typically held on Wednesdays, but alternative arrangements can be made, on request.
  4. If you are approved for a prescription, it will be available for you to pick up within 3-5 business days after your appointment date.
  5. Complete and mail the Health Canada application. Be sure to include the original copy of your prescription with your application sent to Health Canada (mailing `address marked on application).
    • We can optionally review your completed application prior to mailing it, upon request.
    • Be sure to mail your application through a service that includes a Tracking Number.

Potency Testing

We understand the importance of knowing the medicinal levels of your harvest!

Limestone City Hydroponics offers cannabis potency testing, using the GemmaCert — an FDA-endorsed technology for easy & accurate cannabis testing.

$25.00 per test, 5th test is free.
Less than 1 gram of cannabis is required to conduct each test.

We provide you with a signed GemmaCert Certificate.that includes the results of the THC, CBD and CBG levels of your cannabis. We also return any unused portion of your cannabis sample. Samples not retrieved after 60 days will be disposed of.


About GemmaCert

GemmaCert is used by industry professionals all around the globe, in more than 50 countries across 6 continents. Our GemmaCert hardware is under lifetime support an updates plan, to ensure it is correctly calibrated for every test we perform.

Used by breeders, growers, processors, dispensaries, shops and pharmacies. This QC Labs testing solution is designed for in-house or field-testing — delivering immediate results with lab-level accuracy.

GemmaCert features:

Near Infrared Spectrometry — Recognized by the FDA and EMA, NIR spectroscopy is used by the pharmaceutical industry for quality control, including product development and testing for regulatory compliance.

Image Analysis / Motion Mechanics — GemmaCert devices extract meaningful information from each sample using digital image processing techniques. The GC contains a camera which provides a precise location of the sample so that the spectrometer is able to scan 24 different spots around the sample. In order to meet the need for heterogeneity.

Machine Learning — GemmaCert devices learn and adapt automatically through experience, using algorithms and statistical models to analyze large amounts of data from our comprehensive reference database.


Consultation Services

Our staff is passionate about gardening, and are happy to share our knowledge and experience with customers. From home gardening, to small and medium sized commercial business operations, we can help you plan your setup. We learn a lot from our customers!

Whether you are growing house plants, food or medicine — indoors or outdoors — we have a lot of valuable tips to share with you. We also have access to the best products from a wide selection of suppliers to aid in your success.

We are also available to speak at community events and gardening groups eager to learn more about indoor and outdoor gardening, in soil or hydroponics.

Local & Regional Delivery

We offer free local delivery within the City of Kingston, with a minimum $50 order. This includes the region between County Road 6 (Amherstview), Highway 16 (Joyceville) and Highway 38 (Glenburnie). Free delivery includes the following postal codes: K7K, K7L, K7M, K7N, K7P.

We also offer limited delivery outside of our “free shipping” zone, along the 401 corridor on the Canadian side of the border — for a fee of $25, with a minimum $100 order. This includes the regions between Napanee (Hwy 41), Landsdowne (Hwy 3), and north to Sydenham (Rutlege Rd.). This secondary delivery region includes the following postal codes: K7G (except Howe Island), K7R, K0H** (South of Sydenham, ON), K0E (south of Hwy 2).

Special requests can be accommodated. For more information contact info@limestonecityhydroponics.ca.


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