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Carbohydrates are the primary internal energy source in all plants. Carbohydrates store energy in the form of starch and cellulose which provides either simple or complex sugars. Your plants use cellulose to create roots, stems, leaves and of course flowers. Cellulose creates a solid wall around the plants cells that fortify its structure so they can stand and extend. Its metabolism is part of the process that forms THC, cannabinoids and terpenoids. The plant produces its own carbohydrates when carbon dioxide, sunlight and water are present during the process called photosynthesis. Glucose is produced and stored in the leaves as starch. Plants can only store so much, and the process slows down in the fall when they need sugars to help produce large fruits. Limestone City Nutrients have developed a Carbohydrate nutrient that covers all the simple and complex sugars needed to produce large fruit or spectacular flowers. Awesome, yes, but not good enough, so we also have added Magnesium. This mineral ensures the creation of ATP which is essential in the storage of energy that the plant relies on. Magnesium also is responsible to transport stored carbohydrates to other plant organs. Limestone City Nutrients likes to add all the things that make everything work in unison to produce the best crops possible. Carb up!


Limestone City Nutrients — Carbs 5-0-2

Provides both simple and complex carbohydrates to feed the beneficial bacteria around the roots to boost your plant’s energy. Added magnesium boosts the plant’s ability to metabolize the carbohydrates. Add Carbs to your feeding schedule to develop superior fruits and flowers.


Use 2ml/L of water once per week, or with every feeding, for the last 2 weeks of the vegetation stage and through all of the flowering stage.

Guaranteed Analysis

Magnesium (Mg) …………………… 0.5%
0.5% Soluble Magnesium

Derived From

Magnesium Nitrate
Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredients: Simple and Complex Carbohydrates


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500mL, 1L, 4L, 20L