Limestone City Nutrients RootRage 1-0-0


Limestone City realizes that plants must have healthy root system. Roots are essential for the plant’s ecosystem and vital for the plant’s overall health and growth. Your plants root system will determine how efficiently it will uptake its nutrients and healthy roots supply superior media structure. They really are the link from the top of the plant to everything that happens below the surface. RootRage a powerful root stimulator that will cause explosive root growth and will help form lateral rooting which will allow for more uptake of nutrients. RootRage will protect them from harmful bacteria and fungus and get rid of any weak brownish roots so you do not end up with root rot. This product is a crucial additive to ensure a healthy, stable and successful root structure.

Limestone City Nutrients RootRage 1-0-0

Provides all the nutrients to promote a raging, healthy root system. Healthy roots make for a healthy disease-resistant plant that optimizes nutrient uptake to feed a growing plant and growing flowers.


Use 0.3mL/L of water once per week, or with every feeding, during the entire vegetative stage and for the first 3 weeks of the flowering stage. Start with adding your base nutrients to water first, then add Root Rage to the mixture. For clones and cuttings, use 0.2ml/L and blend with 1/4 strength Limestone City Nutrients Grow A and Grow B base nutrient. Pre-soak rockwool cubes in solution for best success.

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N) ...................... 1.0%
1.0% Water Soluble Nitrogen

Derived From

Plant Protein Hydrolysate (cold pressed sea kelp), vitamin B complex, beneficial microbial inoculants, molasses and other proprietary ingredients.


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