Stone City Tropicals Magical Mix




Give your plants some TLC from SCT! This Mix contains everything your aroids need to grow fast and be healthy and resilient.

The Magical Mix is your traditional SCT Aroid Mix with some added magic pre-mixed in the bag:

– BIOS NUTRIENTS – Through the process of fermentation BIOS adds microbes back to lifeless soils which increases water retention, nutrient availability, and plant defenses against disease.

– MYCORRHIZAE – These beneficial fungi grow in association with plant roots. They exist by taking sugars from plants ‘in exchange’ for moisture and nutrients gathered from the soil by the fungal strands. The mycorrhizas greatly increase the absorptive area of a plant, acting as extensions to the root system.

– RICE HULLS – Improves drainage and aeration. Also provides an excellent source of silica as they break down to help strengthen cell walls and protect against pests.

…. PLUS coco coir, fir bark, peat moss, horticultural charcoal, hydrolyzed clay, perlite, and worm castings.

1L is enough to fill approximately 3×4″ pots.

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1 Liter, 4 Liter