Areogarden Grow Sponges 20pk



  • Growth Sponges These hydroponic seed pods are made from high-quality natural black peat and are beautifully shaped and highly absorbent, providing the seeds with a perfect balance of oxygen and water, reliable germination and healthy root development.
  • Promote Germination & Rooting These sponges are all dry, biodegradable, well shaped, balanced PH, rich in vitamins and minerals to provide the ideal growing environment for helping germination, it also has strong water absorption and moisturizing ability, which can help your plants take root quickly and improve their survival rate, making your seedlings growing healthier.
  • Easy to Use After soaking the seed pod sponge in water for 3-5 minutes, put seeds in the middle of the grow sponge, take out the old seed starter pod from the basket, and replace it with a new aerogarden sponge. Then, put them in the hydroponic indoor garden system and wait for the seeds to start. 

Tip: The seedlings after rooting can be easily transplanted into the soil.

  • 20 PCS Grow Sponges You will receive 20 pcs replacement grow sponges for garden hydroponics indoor garden growing systems.

 All of these seed pods for hydroponic gardens are via the drying process prior to shipping, so there is no need to worry about mold.

  • Wide Application Ideal growing medium for traditional greenhouse growers and hydroponic growers. Suitable for cultivating various types of shoots, such as vegetables, houseplants, herbs, succulents, wheat grass, flowers and ornamental plants, etc.