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Limestone City Nutrients ChitoZen (Chitosan)

Limestone City Nutrients ChitoZen is an organic chitosan-based additive,
derived from crustacean shells. ChitoZen improves the quality of flowers
and fruit, strengthens the structure of the plant, and protects it from
drought and fungal infections.
ChitoZen, derived from chitosan has also been proven to accelerate germination,
growth and flower production, in addition to protecting the plant from heat and cold.
This is because chitosan is a suger polymer derived from chitin that promotes improved
growth and acts as an anti-transpirent. This polymer is similar to cellulose, that
strengthening the plant, allowing it to carry the load of those beautiful and dense
flowers. ChitoZen also increases trichome and resin production during flower, that also
helps protect the plant against pests.

Directions Of Use
Use 1ml/L of water once per week, or with every feeding throughout the vegetative and
flowering stages. ChitoZen can also be used in foliar applications, and is effective in all
growing media.

Guaranteed Analysis
Derived From
Derived from recycled crustacean shells



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250ml, 1L, 4L, 20L