Gardenia Canada Shamrock Ultra Guard Plant Spray



SHAMROCK Ultra Guard Plant Spray formula is powerful combination of natural fatty acids, essential oils bended with a propriety all natural spirulina based plant health support system.

SHAMROCK not only eliminates many issues in your garden. It improves your plant health yield and quality!

SHAAMROCK’s unique ingredients include:

Rosemary oil 7%,Peppermint oil 3%, Other Ingredients (90%) Water, Soybean oil, Isopropyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Myristate, Canola oil, Unrefined Hemp, Seed oil, Polyglycerol Oleate, Lauric Acid, Spirulina, Phycocyanin.


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4 Fluid ounces, 16 Fluid ounces, 1 Gallon