My Good Green Earth Kitchen Compost Kit


My Good Green™ Bokashi Indoor Compost System  Proudly Canadian   100% Organic    Sustainable

An amazing alternative to the mess of the green bin, enabling you to create your own organic compost at home.

The indoor compost bin can take everything you would normally put in your green bin and break it down in a fraction of the time without smelly odors or bugs.

Within weeks, you have everything you need for nutrient-rich soil that will grow stronger, healthier plants!

The Bokashi Compost Starter kit comes with a 20L Compost bucket with a drain cup, compressor, 1KG of Bokashi culture mix, and instructions to get you started!





What do you do with bokashi liquid?

Bokashi liquid is not recommended to be sprayed directly on the fruit, but it is highly desirable to pour it on the roots of your plants. You can also pour the liquid directly on the compost pile in your garden. You can dilute it with water as well, especially if you have a lot of dry bio-waste.

How do you use bokashi liquid fertilizer?

IN THE GARDEN: Bokashi liquid makes a terrific fertilizer as it is full of nutrients and alive with beneficial microorganisms. To use as a soil conditioner in the garden, dilute with water (approximately 1:100 ratio) and water onto your lawn, garden beds or pot plants – do NOT apply directly to plant foliage.

Your Green Bin doesn’t work this hard!

Turning your food waste into nutrient-rich, organic soil is easy. In 6 simple steps, you’ll be composting at home in no time!

  • 1.  Add-Spread some Bokashi Plus™ over the drain screen. Simply add food waste in layers up to 3″. Be sure to break up larger food pieces for more efficient composting.
  • 2. Sprinkle-Sprinkle a handful of Bokashi Plus™ over your food scraps. Use a little extra Bokashi Plus™ when adding meat, fish and small bones to the compost bucket.
  • 3. Squish-Keep adding layers of food and Bokashi Plus™. Use the compressor to remove air pockets for proper composting. Be sure to seal the lid tightly after each use.
  • 4. Drain- After about a week, drain the bucket every 3-4 days to allow the food waste to properly ferment. This ‘Liquid Gold’ has many uses, discover them all here.
  • 5. Bury-Once the full bucket has fermented for 7-10 days, it is ready to use! Dig it into your garden, add to your soil factory or spread over your outdoor compost pile and cover with soil.
  • 6. Grow-After 2-3 weeks the compost should be completely broken down, leaving you with nutrient-rich, organic soil that will help you grow strong, productive, disease-free plants