Yoyo Plant Hangers



Plant Yoyos are the perfect solution for supporting heavy plant stems and branches. Prevent snapping, bending, and breaking due to large yields. Great for supporting heavy colas, buds, flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc. The spring tensioned yo-yo line extends 5.5 ft, ensuring that your plants are supported throughout all stages of their life. Just unlock the plastic stopper, gently pull out the line to the desired length, and lock in by pushing the stopper in the opposite direction. The contoured hook gently holds stems and branches of all sizes without cutting into them or damaging the plant in any way.

  • THE BEST PLANT SUPPORT SOLUTION: Our plant yoyos offer an easy, convenient solution for supporting your plants. The spring tension line allows for support through all stages of your plant’s life. Effectively prevents bending, snapping, and breaking of heavy stems and branches. PLEASE NOTE: Plant yoyos are not for hanging planters or potted plants. Only use to support stems and branches.
  • USE FOR ALL PLANTS: Perfect for supporting all high yielding plants. Heavy colas, buds, flowers, fruits, and vegetables are supported with ease! Works great for tomatoes, peppers, climbing vines, etc.
  • GREAT FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR GROWS: The yoyo hanging hooks are easily installed on thin lines or wires. Simple hanging in grow rooms, grow tents, gardens, or anywhere else you care to grow!
  • ACHIEVE HIGHER YIELDS: With proper support you can ensure that your plants are receiving maximum light exposure and are producing to their full potential! Effortless readjustment of the yoyos make the process of training plants into different growth patterns so simple!