SOY AMINO ACID SOLUBLE Black Swallow Living Soil



When it comes to feeding your plants nitrogen, a soluble soy based amino acid product is the most efficient. This product is approved for use in organic farming as it is made by submitting non GMO soy beans to an enzymatic process to extract the amino acids. It is a cream coloured fine powder that will dissolve easily and quickly in water. Can be used as a drench or in a drip irrigation system, but is best when applied as a foliar spray.

When foliar feeding, you want to capture the time of day when the plant is most able to absorb and process the nutrients, which is late in the afternoon after 4:00 pm through the evening. This gives the plant time to properly process the aminos into a form that it can use over the course of nighttime. If it rains during this period, then the aminos may be washed off the leaves, and you may need to reapply.

Recommended Application: User is encouraged to make modification according to growing environment.

It can be mixed with other fertilizers to enhance the function with each other. Spray plant before 10am or after 4pm to maximize plant absorption rate. Re-spray in 2 hours if previous application washed away by rain. Repeat treatments during the growing season according to nutritional needs.

Foliar spray: 1:1500 times dilution (1ml to 1500ml)

Drip Irrigation: 1:1000 times dilution (1ml to 1000ml)

Hydroponic/Aquaponic : 20g/100L.

Base Fertilizer: 5-12kg/ha

One gram of soy amino is about 2.5ml