CropSIL® 250ml



Silicon-based Plant Nutrient

Patented Formulation of Monosilicic Acid Si(OH4)

A Little Nutrient That is Making a BIG Difference

CropSil® is a silicon-based plant nutrient in a Monosilicic Acid form that acts as a bioregulator in the dynamics of plant cell growth, metabolism, and enzyme production. Extensive scientific research and field trials have proven Monosilicic Acid strengthens plants cell walls, increases vigor and improves resistance to stress, resulting in better rooting and crop quality. It interacts positively with other nutrients like macro and micro-nutrients and trace elements enhancing their agronomic performance and efficiency. It alsoenhances plant processes such as hydration and chlorophyl production.

CropSil as a plant process enhancer gives your plant more of what it’s looking for!

CropSil® works as a transport agent bringing nutrients from the root zone to the rest of the plant.
CropSil® also increases uptake of available CO2 and H2O enhancing the metabolism of plant nutrients.

• Optimizes input performance such as fertilizers and biostimulants
• Increases bio-mass of plant’s branch, stem and roots
• Improved ripening, higher brix and nutritional value with a longer shelf-life
• 100% biologically available and highly beneficial to all plants
• Easy to use as a foliar spray or irrigation additive
• Can be mixed with chemical, biostimulants, fertilizers and micro-nutrients
• Suitable for seedlings with starter, sapling transplanting treatments

Stronger Plants

CropSil® will strengthen the plant’s cell walls.

Better Hydration

Improved root system leads to better water management.

More Sunlight

Increases concentration of chlorophyll in leaf tissue.