My Good Green Earth Ferminator Organic Plant Wash


Ferminator plant wash is gentle on plants, animals and humans…but tough on everything else!4ml per litre in a pump sprayer with a couple drops of soap added will defend and protect against dust, dirt and other ‘contaminates’

May be used throughout the grow from cuttings to chop! No residues or toxins. All natural ingredients



My Good Green Earth Ferminator Organic Plant Wash

Ferminator, the fermented plant wash concentrate.
Ferminator is an all natural plant wash that is effective at cleaning foliage of dust, dirt and other ‘contaminates’.

Ferminator is safe for plants, animals and humans and does not require special personal protection equipment.
Directions for use
General plant wash- Add 2 ml of plant wash to 1 litre of water in a spray bottle or pump sprayer.
Apply liberally to leaves and stems weekly. Allow to drip dry. May be applied in sunlight.

Distilled Water, Proprietary Blend of Fermented Herbs Extract, Molasses, Acetic Acid, Grain Alcohol.

Make sure you pick up My Good Green’s Bokashi Plus alongside the Ferminator for optimal results!


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250ml, 500ml, 1L